Monday, January 4, 2016

Lake House Products

Bamboo Salad Bowl with Serving Hands

This gorgeous Bamboo Salad Bowl with Serving Hands looks great on any table, when having friends or family over for lunch or dinner. The set is very well made versatile, durable, stylish and high quality bamboo bowl. The bowl is deep and makes it easy to toss the salad and dressing. My family loves salad, so this bowl has been getting a lot of use. I also plan to use the bowl to serve fruit, chips, pasta salad or rolls. You can fill the bowl with decorative items and use it as an accent piece anywhere in the house!

Bamboo is easy to clean and care for. Hand-wash your salad bowl and serving hands in warm, soapy water, make sure not to soak it though. Rinse, then wipe away excess water with a clean, soft cloth. Allow the set to air-dry completely before storing. You can purchase this set here. I received this set in exchange for an honest review.