Monday, December 14, 2015


The Blanket That Has Sleeves

It's starting to get colder out, finally! My favorite way to spend a cold night is on my couch with my Snuggie and hot chocolate or hot tea. Snuggies are so comfortable, warm, and soft. You can stay warm walking through your house in your Snuggie. You can also stay warm while using your tablet, phone, remote etc, because with Snuggie your hands are free! It is very well made and easy to wash and dry. I have several Snuggies and one of my favorite features is the pockets. I have so many things to carry from my great room to my bedroom and vice versa, so the pockets are very handy!

Snuggies make great gifts. They are very affordable, and something everyone can use. With so many prints to choose from, you can find the perfect one for yourself or to give as a gift. They would be the perfect gift, this holiday season. You can purchase a Snuggie here, or at other online and retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens and Amazon. Be sure to enter below for a chance to win one! Good Luck! I received snuggies in exchange for an honest review.