Monday, December 21, 2015

Elf Workshoppe

Elf Snuggable & Soaring Elf Sleigh

I received this adorable elf and sleigh from the Elf Workshoppe. They have so many cute elves and accessories to choose from. The elves and accessories are very affordable and the kids will love them. They are very well made, high quality collectables. I love all the little details on the accessories

Elf Girl – Blonde

Get your own collectable, snuggly, little girl elf, whether you already have an existing elf family or wanting to start one! And don’t forget, it’s more fun to play, hug and love our elf than have it sit all alone on a shelf!

Soaring Elf Sleigh

Surprise your Elf with his very own Soaring hand painted Sleigh with space to include your child’s name as “Property of” to ride through the snow!

What’s hot for Christmas this year? The Elf WorkShoppe Launched New, Touchable Elf and Accessories Online

If you are going to put an Elf on a Shelf, shouldn’t they be comfortable? 

Elf WorkShoppe, a manufacturer and marketer of Christmas Elf accessories, recently launched its unique, collectable, limited-supply product offering with a touchable Elf and an adorable array of Elf accessories, available online at

The Elf WorkShoppe, “Where Christmas Comes to Life,” offers fun and magical collectable accessories for the company’s snuggable Elf doll or for another companies’ elves. Accessories include “Comfy Home” items, such as his or her own teddy bear and gifts, rocking chair, bath tub, bed, and other charming accessories to make an Elf feel right at home; as well as “Transportation Center” notions so a child’s Elf can travel to the North Pole in his own car, Elf express train, sleigh or sled.

The Elfs and accessories are great for anyone who loves Christmas and would make a nice gift. Order now and get 25% off and FREE shipping when you enter coupon code “save” on the check-out page. Be sure to enter below for a chance to win an elf and accessory.

Elf Workshoppe