Friday, December 11, 2015

Premium Choice Products

Cat Tunnel Toy 

Fun way to keep the kitties entertained. They get some exercise while playing in the 3 way tunnel. My cats love the tunnel, they have been chasing each other through it. They ran right to the tunnel when I laid it out, I didn't need to add catnip or toys to get them to use it. I usually have to add catnip to new this. I do wish this was made with a stronger material, so far this thing is holding up great, but  know their claws will eventually tear it up. But for now it is holding up and it is affordable, so it can be replaced, most cat toys don't last being I won't declaw my cats. You can purchase this tunnel here.

Product Info:

Collapsible 3 way tunnel with an irresistible centre peep hole. A playhouse, box and shelter in one.
Encourages curiosity, play, stalking & exercise, especially with treats and food. Fun videos too!
10″ tube diameter fits all cats, each leg is 22″ long with a sturdy steel sprung frame.
Folds down to 2″ and 1.5lb for easy storage, transport. No permanent furniture, trees or enclosures.
Great gift for all cat lovers!

I received this in exchange for an honest review.