Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Stocking Stuffer Kitchen Gadgets

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers!?! Trudeau really has something for just about everyone on your holiday list! They have everything from mugs, cocktail shakers and tumblers to muffin pans, fondue sets and wine starter kits. They are very well made and durable. These products, with proper care will last a really long time. 

I received 5 items to try out, Cookie Cutters,Wine Charms, Flex Pot Clips, Zest Grater and a universal Dripless Spout. 

I loved them all, but the Flex Pot Clip was definitely my favorite. I didn't know they existed, now I can't live without it. I usually use a small plate or spoon holder, but that causes more dishes! I love just place my cooking utensil in the pot clip. 

The cookie cutters are so cute and perfect for the holidays. Not only are they great for cookies but they work great with fruit too. Fruit baskets make great gifts, but they are so pricey, why not make your own.

The Zest Grater is must have in the kitchen. Citrus zest really brings out flavor in soups, dressings, desserts and so much more. It adds a fresh taste and color to your food. It is also great for garnish.

The wine charms are great for entertaining during the holidays. They look great on the wine glasses, and add a sophisticated touch. They are great conversation starters. This one is perfect for the wine lovers on your list.

The Universal Dripless Spout is great for cooking. It makes holiday cooking easy, I used mine with my olive oil. These are also great for dish soap bottles. The spout makes it easier to dispense just about anything in a bottle.

Set of 5 Star Cookie Cutters are made of stainless steel with a coral finish. The fine edges make it easy to cut. They nest together for compact storage. SRP $11.99

International Wine Charms is a set of 6 unique charms that hang from stemware. They feature five of the finest wine regions including: Italy, France, Argentina, Australia and California. The sixth charm representing the world of wines. They have a soft-touch backing to protect delicate glassware. SRP $11.99

Flex Pot Clips keeps your stovetop from getting messy. It clips to the side of a sauce pan allowing you to rest your spoon. The silicone pads protect your pots and keeps the spoon from slipping. It is made with heat-resistant silicone and stainless steel. They come in red, blue or green. SRP $8.99

Zest Grater features a retractable handle which doubles as a protective sleeve for safe storing. The blades are honed to a optimal cutting angle. SRP $9.99

Universal Dripless Spout allows a clean easy pour from any bottle. It keeps hands and bottle oil free.The graduated silicone stopper fits a majority of bottle sizes and comes with a cap for storage. 5-year warranty. SRP $11.99

Trudeau makes high quality products for an affordable price. They have a lot of kitchen gadgets to choose from. They would make great gifts & stocking stuffers this holiday season. You can click here, to purchase online or find a retailer near you. I received these items in exchange for an honest review.