Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rip Toned Fitness

Compression Elbow Sleeve

I got these for my hubby, he does a lot of lifting at work and I wanted to make sure his elbows were protected from injury. I measured his arm and it was a Large/XLarge according to the size chart so I got the XLarge, it was a good thing I did because the Xlarge was a snug fit. They are very well made, help relieve pain, provide great support .The 5mm neoprene elbow sleeve provides excellent compression & support and does not restrict movement.It resist odor and moisture to keep fabric dry. They are great for men, women and teens, if you workout, play sports, lift etc these sleeves are perfect. 

Product Description

Elbow Sleeve By Rip Toned - (SINGLE) Compression Neoprene Support for Men & Women - Great for Basketball, Tennis, Powerlifting & Weightlifting - 5mm Padding

Suffering from elbow pain, tennis elbow or golfers elbow? 

Whether beginner, intermediate or professional athletes, even for recreational and professional use, we got you covered! 

The Rip Toned Compression Elbow Sleeve works both as a preventative measure by helping protect
your elbows during activity and also as assistance in promoting healing and recovery of
an existing injury. 

Elbow Sleeve is Perfect for:

- Tendinitis or pulled muscles

- Tennis elbow or golfers elbow

- Any activity or sport where you would like a little extra elbow support and stability for
greater performance

- Elbow pain during any daily activity like computer work, lifting items, certain movements

- Existing elbow injury and would like to encourage and speed up healing

The Rip Toned elbow sleeve is made of top quality 5mm neoprene providing excellent
compression and support while not restricting movement or sliding down the arm. 

The snug fit helps reduce swelling and pain of an injured elbow and support and stability
during activities where it’s needed.

The compression will keep both muscles and joint warm and increase blood flow
providing a more effective warm-up and performance during your activities.

The Rip Toned sleeve also provides excellent joint support.


- Endorsed by Kevin Weiss Pro Bodybuilder and Powerlifter
- Top quality Neoprene with durable stitching
- Comes in reusable zipper pouch
- Black with red striping
- Machine/hand wash then air dry

The Perfect Fit - Use the sizing guide to insure the best fit.
(NOTE: Consider minimal stretching from use when choosing size)


X-Small: 8.5"-9.5"
Small: 9.5"-10.25"
Medium: 10.25"-11"
Large: 11"-12"
X-Large: 12"-12.5"
XX-Large: 12.5"-13.25"

Product Guarantee 

The ONLY Elbow Sleeve Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

Specially designed for injured elbows, inflammatory problems, hematomas and tendinitis and pulled muscles
Helps prevent Tennis elbow and Golfer's elbow.

You can purchase these elbow sleeves here. I received this product in exchange for an honest review.