Sunday, November 1, 2015


Bellabeat LEAF
Smart Jewelry/ Health Tacker

I was so excited to get this Bellabeat Leaf! It's a health tracker, but looks like jewelery. You can wear it as a clip, necklace or bracelet. It has so many features; it tracks breathing, sleep, activity, and monthly cycles. My life has been extremely stressful the last few years. One of my favorite features on this product/app is the breathing exercises, they help me calm down, relax, and get rid of some of that stress i'm dealing with. And of course with stress and anxiety, I don't sleep well at all. I have been doing the breathing exercises before bed and it has been helping me get a better nights sleep. I have been using the Leaf and App to track my sleeping patterns, I absolutely love this feature as well. Lots of stress on top of no sleep, can really affect your health negatively. I am so happy to have this tool to help me fix those issues.

The Leaf itself is gorgeous. It looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry, when you wear it. I love that you can wear it on your clothing, on your wrist or as a necklace. It is a nice fashion accessory, that looks good with any outfit, from gym clothes to going out with the girls clothes. I wear it as a necklace when i'm at the gym. It tracks your daily activities, and lets you know if you need to do more or slow down. It also has an alarm to let you know if you have been inactive to long. You can also use this as an alarm to wake up, take pills or important events. The leaf doesn't have to be charged its battery last 6 months.

What It Does:
Breathing - Monitors breathing and helps you to manage and relieve stress.
Sleep - Logs the quantity and quality of your sleep and provides guidance on how to get the most rest from your hours you've slept.
Monthly Cycles - Tracks ovulation and reproductive health.
Smart Alarm - Wakes you gently in the morning or can be set with customized activity.

What It Includes:
Leaf health tracker
Leather bracelet

Compatible With:
iPhone 4S and later
iPad 3 and later
iPod touch 5 and later
Android 4.3 and later

Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry/Health Tracker would make a great gift for the holidays! Be sure to checkout Bellabeat's website here. Enter below for a chance to win a Bellabeat Leaf, Good Luck!!

Bellabeat LEAF
I received this Bellabeat Leaf in exchange for an honest review.

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