Thursday, October 15, 2015


September's LooksBook

LooksBooks Mini is a monthly subscription box by Starlooks. As you may know by my other reviews Starlooks also has a custom monthly box called Starbox. Both subscriptions cost just $12 a month with free shipping to US, $5 to ship to Canada.

Every month's book is unique and collectable. Each book contains 3 brand new Limited Edition Starlooks cosmetics. Once these products sell out, they are gone for good.

Each books has 3 "Perfect Sized: items that come in a travel friendly book. There are also tips and tutorials included in the box. The book fits perfectly in your purse.

LooksBook members get money towards more Starlooks cosmetics on, and money towards past LooksBooks, which sell for $19.99 after their release date. So you can stock up on your favorites.

This month's theme is Revival and the book includes:
Eye Shadow Duo in Agave 
Spectrum Mascara in Flora
Matte Lipstick in Rawr

The eye shadow duo is earthy shades. A green agave for the lid and a red agave for your outer eye and crease or however you decide to use it. I applied it with a shadow brush it blends out nicely and has a satin finish. The shadow lasted all day with a primer.

I loved the mascara! I love to experiment with different colors. I love a classic black, but I also like to have fun with my look. I love this color it is a deep greenish blue color. The formula is great! It thickened and lengthen my lashes with out any clumps!

The Matte lipstick is a bright pink color, perfect for summer. It has a velvet matte finish and goes on smoothly. The lipstick is a bold color, it is definitely the star of the book. I love this color and the formula. 

I followed the tips and tutorials that were included, I loved the look Starlooks put together, these colors paired well together. When I first seen them I loved the colors just wasn't sure they would work together, but they do. That is what is great about these LooksBooks, they help you create looks with colors you might of never thought to try together.

The subscription also includes 3 giftcards:

Past LooksBooks - $5 towards your first past book.
Starlooks Pro - $10 toward a full size product
Perfect Size Collection - $5 towards purchase

Overall I think this is an awesome subscription box. It is unique and contains high quality cosmetics for a reasonable price. With the gift cards and other perks included for LooksBook members this sub is a steal for just $12! You can subscribe to Starlook's LooksBook here!

This LooksBook and information was provided to me by Starlooks in exchange for an honest review.
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