Sunday, October 18, 2015


QuickPull Food Chopper 

I just received my Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper and I love it. It is so easy to use. I love making my own salsa and this food chopper is perfect for it. If you want bigger chunks only pull it a few times, the more you pull the finer the pieces are. I love this for onions as well, NO more tears! The blades are really sharp and easily cut veggies, fruit, nuts, eggs etc.

This food chopper is great for making so many things! It also saves you a lot of prep time. You can make pesto, egg salad, coleslaw, salsa. Its great for chopping up up garlic, fresh herbs. You can checkout this video to see it action, by clicking here!

To use you just place the chopper on counter on table, open the lid and put it the food. Food should be chopped into golfball size chunks, harder foods a little smaller if necessary. The food should be placed around the blades. Put the lid back on and lock in place. Then you simply hold the food chopper down with one hand and pull the rip cord with the other. If there is resistance from harder food like carrots, just start with small pulls. One complete pull of the cord will chop food 16 times, you should check the food every 2 pulls until you reach your desired consistency.

The bowl has a 3 cup capacity and is BPA free, food safe plastic. The bottom piece is dishwasher, the lid however can't be submerged in water, you just use a damp cloth with a little soap to remove any food. You can purchase this food chopper here! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.