Saturday, September 5, 2015


Oil And Vinegar Sprayers


I was so happy when I received this Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set. I love eating salad, really!! But I tend to over pour my dressing, which kinda defeats the purpose of eating healthy salads. Dressing adds a lot of calories to salad. What I love about these sprayers is that I can completely coat my salad with oil and vinegar, without using too much. The oil sprayer is also good for cooking and baking, you just spray your pans and it lightly coats them evenly with oil. It will also save you a lot of money if you usually use the oil spray cans like I do.

The bottles are glass, and the tops are stainless steel. The tops are labels oil and vinegar. You just remove the lid and fill the bottles with whatever oil or vinegar you prefer, and put the lid on and they are ready to use. This is a high quality set and a great addition to any kitchen. I love using them when I have friends or family over for dinner, they are easy too use and my guest can use what and how much they like. You can purchase this set HERE! I received this Skenda Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set in exchange for an honest review.