Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Coco Joy

100% UV Women Sunglasses  
Round Style Design

These sunglasses are cute! I love the over-sized round shape and the arms have a gold arrow on them that matched the gold decal above the lenses. They are very comfortable to wear. The lenses provide UV protection, which is a must in this Florida sun. It is just as important to protect your eyes as it your skin. I do have a lot of sunglasses, about 60 pairs in different colors and shapes, most were very expensive, and just accessories as they don't all have UV protection, so I was very happy to add these to my collection. The stylish black glasses look great with just about anything. These are very reasonably priced. They are perfect for driving and the beach. I have received many compliments while wearing them. The frame is made of a very durable plastic and the quality of the product is very good, for the price. You can purchase these women sunglasses HERE!  I received these glasses in exchange for an honest review.