Saturday, August 15, 2015

Merseylea International

Backpack In A Pocket

This Backpack In A Pocket is such a great idea. It is lightweight, durable and is very easy to fold backup. The backpack and carrying bag is one piece the top half the backpack just folds/rolls up right back into the bag. It is great for school, traveling, shopping etc.

This bag has when unfolded has 3 compartments a small zipper pouch on the bottom, a bigger zipper pouch on the front of bag and the main compartment. The material is thin and dries quickly if it gets wet. It is reinforced at pressure points to prevent ripping, tearing or separation.

It is a good choice for travel, with the airports luggage weight restrictions if your bag weighs to much take some items out, place them in this backpack and use as a carry-on. 

I love it because it fits is my purse, so if I want to sneak in some mall purchases past the hubby I can. No bags from Sephora, Mac, Aldo etc visible , so no pesty questions about what I bought or how much I spent ;)

The lightweight backpack is also great for running, hiking, etc. You can place a couple bottles of water and other items you need in the bag. The reflective stripes will also help keep you or the kids safe while walking down the street.

(Stock photos used for this image to show other color option)

The Backpack I picked is gray and pink, but it is also available in blue and black. You can purchase this backpack in a pocket HERE! The bag comes with a 1 year full replacement guarantee. I received this backpack in exchange for an honest review.