Saturday, June 6, 2015


100% Authentic Tencel Bed Sheet Set

These are some of the softest sheets, I have ever felt. They are 100% Authentic Tencel. Tencel is as known as Lyocell, an all natural eco-friendly material. Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics. It obtained from Eucalyptus Trees. The wood pulp comes from sustainable tree farms. The sheets feel like silk. They are also very breathable and light, perfect for summer. It is so hot in Florida, it has been 93+ the last 2 weeks or so. I have only been using this sheet, it keeps me warm at night but I can still feel my fan. Which is great I can not sleep if i'm hot.  I washed them as soon as I got them. They did not fade, wrinkle or shrink at all. They are stitched very well there was no loose threads and kept shape after washing. They are also hypoallergenic, which is perfect for me. They are stain resistant as well. This set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheet has deep pockets, it fits my bed perfectly. It doesn't slip off the corners of my mattress at all. This set was giving to me in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase this sheet set HERE!