Monday, June 22, 2015


Trrtlz Bracelets

These cute Trrtlz bracelets are a perfect summer accessory. They come in a variety of bright colors and fade the more you wear them. There are also other animals and while searching for more colors and animals I also found they have some skullz. These are a great gift to give friends and family. By sharing a new bracelet you are starting a new adventure, by sharing a faded bracelet it will continue the journey you're on. You can take pictures of your bracelets with #ShareYourAdventure. 

#ShareYourAdventure encourages positive human interaction by sharing the bracelets. It is a fun way for you and your friends to share your life adventures. The bracelets are very well made. They stretch and slide over your hand. I have also been wearing mine around my ankle. I have owlz, monkeyz, elephantz and several different colored trrtlz. You can find these at 7-11, I have my hubby searching for some skullz and other animals to add to my collection. You can purchase and learn more about the Trrtlz Bracelets HERE! I received these bracelets in exchange for an honest review.