Sunday, June 28, 2015

Titan Sports Tech

Titan Elite Quarter High Basketball Socks

I got these socks for my hubby, and he loves them. He said they are the most comfortable socks he has ever worn, and he wants me to get him more. He is on his feet all day and I thought these socks would be perfect for him. They prevent blisters, have extra cushion and they also have ankle and arch support. It is a breathable, lightweight fabric that dries quickly. I love them because his feet don't smell when he comes home from work or the gym. I have purchased more of these socks for my family. I was impressed by the high quality and benefits of these socks. I highly recommend these socks. They come with 100% money back guarantee, so if you don't love them send them back and they will replace them or send you back every penny. You can purchase these socks HERE! I received these socks in exchange for an honest review.

Benefits from Titan Sports Tech:

Figure-Eight Ankle Support 
With high elastic fabric from the arch to ankle in a figure-eight shape; it provides outstanding support to the arch, enhances ankle stability and reduces plantar pressure.
Solid Arch Support
The annular design in arch area provides extra support to prevent over-pronation, lessen fatigue of the feet and enhance the performance.
Dorsum (top of the foot) Protection 
The cushion on the instep protects the dorsum and decreases the discomfort caused by the dorsum rubbing against the undersurface of the shoes.
Toe and Ankle Mesh Knitting 
The mesh around the toe and ankle provide maximum air flow and breathability. This keeps your feet dry throughout the game and provides better grips of your shoes.
Heel Shock Absorbing Cushion