Monday, June 15, 2015

Coco Joy

By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer

This By The Sea Candle Wax Warmer is so beautiful. This warmer doesn't use a flame. It uses a soft light to warm the wax. It looks so lovely at night, when it gives the room a gentle glow. It isn't bright at all, you can easily fall asleep with it on. I love the ocean theme, it goes well with my decor. I'm lucky enough to live and the coast of Florida. But most only vacation here, if you would like a reminder of the beach this warmer and beach/tropical scented wax cubes would be perfect. It has a long cord with a on/off switch, making it easy to place the warmer just about anywhere you would like. It is much safer than other warmers because it does not use a flame. It is very easy to clean after use. There is a starfish on the top as well as the side, the other 3 sides have a seahorse, crab and a shell. This is a high quality warmer and I definitely recommend it. This would be great in a gift basket with some scented wax cubes. You can purchase this beautiful wax warmer HERE! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.