Thursday, May 21, 2015

Winning Moves

Connect 4 Twist & Turn and Fish Fish Squish

Winning Moves has so many fun games, from the classics you remember as a kid to brand new games. I was sent two games to try out with my family. I was also told I could give two away to my readers!! The two games I got and will be giving away to 1 lucky readers are: Fish Fish Squish and Connect4 Twist & Turn.

Fish Fish Squish, is a fun new game. It is a great family game. The kids loved it, and so did we! The game includes a deck of 54 fish playing cards, 4 resealable bags of safe modeling fun dough (red, purple, yellow and blue), 4 plastic fish molds, 4 player mats and illustrated instructions. Each player starts the game by making their own school of dough fish, that are place on their own mat. Flips cards in turn, until you complete three-in-a-row. When you do you, thats when the real fun starts! You get to squish your opponent's fish! The last player with an unsquished fish wins! This game is so much fun, reaching across and squishing other players fish is hilarious. I definitely recommend this game, it is a great game that will have your family and friends laughing. The game is for ages 5 and up, 2-4 player game and takes about 15-30 mins per game.

Connect 4 Twist & Turn is just like the classic game we all know and love, but with a twist (pun intended). The game includes one Connect 4 Twist & Turn game unit, 18 red plastic discs, 18 yellow plastic disc and illustrated instructions. Just like the classic game of connect 4 the players need to get four in a row to win. This is a 2 player game, one player gets red the other yellow. The first player drops a disc, if they choose to they can also twist one of the levels of the tower one place to the left or right. Twisting the tower becomes more important as the game progresses. The same goes to the opponent, they drop a disc and twist a level of the tower one place to the left or right, if they choose too. Each player must drop a disc in the tower every turn, but you do not have to twist the tower if they don't want too. Twisting the tower and allowing the disc to drop from one level to another, often helps you get the winning 4-in-a-row faster. The first player to get 4-in-a-row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins! This is also a great game for the whole family. My family and friends loved this game, and had a lot of fun playing it. I definitely recommend this game as well. It is for ages 6 and up and takes about 10- 20 minutes to play. I received both these games in exchange for an honest review. Be sure to enter below for your chance to win both of these games. You can purchase these games and many more HERE!

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