Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Color Alive 
4D Coloring Books with Crayons
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I am so excited to tell you about these new Color Alive Coloring Books by Crayola. I have to admit both my husband and I thought these were so cool, we decided to color and try it out before passing them on to the little ones. These are so much fun! Each book comes with 16 coloring pages and 7 crayons. One of the crayons on each book is a new color and unlocks virtual effects. Once you color your page you use your smartphone or tablet to see the virtual effects and 4D experience. You get to watch the page you just colored come to life on your device. You can take pictures of unique 4D experience, you can even be in the picture!! Be sure to check out the picture below, to see Barbie standing on my hand. Honestly this is fun for all ages. I have loved Crayola ever since I picked up my first crayon. They have come so far since then, there products just keep getting better. These coloring books are very affordable, you can purchase them and other Crayola products HERE! The App is available on the App Store and Google Play. These books work with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Check for your device HERE! Enter below for your chance to win a set of these amazing Color Alive Coloring Books by Crayola!

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