Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brooklyn Bean Roastery

Hot Cocoa Variety Pack

This variety pack of hot cocoa is full of flavor. I had fun trying all the different flavors with my family. These k-cup make a delicious cup of hot cocoa. They all have a rich chocolatey taste.My families favorite was the peanut butter cup. I loved the campfire the most but they are all yummy! With summer almost here, one of the last things you think about is sitting down having hot cup of hot cocoa. So another thing you can do with these is make frozen hot cocoa. Its really easy to make you just blend, ice, milk and the hot cocoa mix. Pour it in a cup and top with whipped cream and drizzle chocolate syrup, it is the perfect summer treat. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a variety pack for yourself. You can purchase this hot cocoa or other products like tea, coffee, flavored coffee etc Here!

The 40ct Variety Pack Includes The Following Flavors:

Milk Chocolate 

Midnight (Dark Chocolate)
Mexican (Spice)
Peanut Butter Cup
Campfire (Marshmallow)
Carnival (Salted Caramel)

Hot Cocoa

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1/3 Cup Instant Dry Milk
1/3 Cup Sugar
3 TBSP unsweetened Cocoa
1 TBSP your favorite Brooklyn's Bean Hot Cocoa
1/3 Cup Milk
3 Cups Ice 
Blend it all together. 
Top with whipped cream, chocolate,caramel or mint syrup and chocolate shavings (optional).

Iced Hot Chocolate:

Brooklyn's Bean Hot Cocoa k-cup
1 cup of crushed ice 
Make Hot Cocoa as usual pour over a glass of crushed or cubed ice.
 Top with whipped cream, chocolate,caramel or mint syrup and chocolate shavings (optional).

Hot Chocolate Ice Pops:

Brooklyn's Bean Hot Cocoa k-cup (I use 4 it fills 8 of my pop molds).
Mini Marshmallows (5 - 10 per Pop)
Mini White & Dark Chocolate Chips (5- 10 chips per Pop)
Make Hot Cocoa as usual, allow to cool.
Sprinkle mini chocolate chips into ice pop mold.
Fill the ice pop molds half way up with cooled hot chocolate, add mini marshmallows and fill up the rest of the mold with cooled hot chocolate. 
Put the bottom of ice pop mold on and put in freezer until frozen.

Disclosure: This product was given to me by Brooklyn Bean Roastery for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts.