Monday, March 9, 2015

Sublime Beauty


Stock Photo by Sublime Beauty.

This brush is absolutely amazing! I love it! It is made with a high quality polished wood. One side has a natural bristle brush and the other side has nubs for cellulite massage. The natural bristles are perfect, not too soft or harsh on the skin. I have dry skin and this brush has really been helping me a lot. The dryness has started to go away and my skin is looking and feeling healthier. My skin is so much softer after a couple weeks of use. My favorite thing about this brush is that it can reach those hard to get areas of my back. Having dry skin I tend to get itchy, and this brush is perfect to get an hard to reach itch. The side with the nubs is great for a light massage. I have been using it when i'm stress to help me relax. This brush also helps with circulation. It is easy to clean, you can just run your hand across the bristles to get rid of dry skin cells. The brush can be washed with a gentle soap (like baby shampoo) every couple weeks, just make sure to hang it so it can dry completely. I received this brush in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase this Dry Brush HERE!

Sublime offers a special website all about Skin Brushing: Special HOW-TO downloads are available as well.