Monday, March 30, 2015


Your special puzzle with your own photo!

Stock Photo by Piczzle.

This is such a great idea. I got my piczzle a couple weeks ago, and absolutely love it. The picture puzzle is clear and pieces were well made. The box has your picture on it, and you get to choose how many pieces you want your piczzle to be. You can also choose size, border and text. The piczzle is constructed of a premium grade cardboard that has been laminated with a glossy finish. The puzzle pieces are cut with precision and fit together perfectly. This would make a great gift for anyone. It would be a thoughtful, unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, christmas, valentine's day or even a baby shower. You can purchase a Picture Piczzle Puzzle Here! Be sure to enter below for a chance to win one! I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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Valid until: Sunday, April-06, 2015