Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hair Symphony

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes 
with Cosmetics Bag

Stock Photo by Hair Symphony.

This is a really nice set of brushes. I love that it comes with a large cosmetics bag. It is perfect for travel. The detangling brush works amazingly well. I have very long, thick, wavy hair that tangles easily. I was able to brush my hair and remove the tangles with little to no pain. The brush easily glides through my hair and tangles without pulling chunks of my hair out, like other brushes do. These brushes can be used on both wet and dry hair. I like to brush my hair in the shower while conditioning. It makes it a lot easier to style later. If you want a quality set of brushes, that remove tangles from wet or dry hair painlessly and with very little to no hair loss, this is definitely it! You can purchase this set right now for 49% off HERE! I received this set of brushes in exchange for an honest review.