Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Figgy Baby

Mariko Ideas Scarf Hangers

Stock Photo by Figgy Baby.

How adorable are these Scarf hangers!? I absolutely love them. They are very well made, durable and pretty big. If you follow my blog you know I live in Florida. It doesn't get cold here often, but I do have tons of scarfs. Scarves and boots are my favorite fall/winter fashion accessories. Like I said before I have tons, my scarves and beach wraps take up two of my dresser drawers. I was so excited to get these hangers, as soon as they came in the mail I went to my room to use them. I took out all my scarves and hung them on the hanger each one held about 5 or so scarves. I love having them hanging in the closet, its easier to see them all and choose the one I want. They look gorgeous in my closet! Best of all it frees up space in my dresser so I can buy more clothes. I do plan on buying a few more sets of these, so I can hang up all my scarves and beach wraps. I received these hangers in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase these hangers HERE!