Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Wearever Mattress Pad

Stock Photo by Wearever.

This mattress pad is very well made, with high quality material. The stitching is perfect, which tells me they really take time on the products. They can go right in the washer, so they are easy to clean and reusable. These would be great if your potty training kids or care for the elderly. I was giving the opportunity to review this in exchange for a review. I really wanted this because I have to have surgery soon and wanted to protect my mattress. I had to replace my mattress after my last surgery because a few of the staples came out of my stomach while I slept and left my mattress soaked in blood. This mattress pad is supposed to be absorbent and it has a waterproof liner. So I decided to try it out, I laid it out on floor and poured about a half cup of water on it. The pad did absorb all the water and the floor was still dry. I definitely recommend this product. You can purchase this Mattress Pad and other products by Wearever HERE! You can also check them out on FACEBOOKPINTEREST, and TWITTER.

Product Information by Wearever: Made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner our bed pads keep furniture and fabrics dry while protecting against wetness. Our selections of incontinence bed pads are perfect for every night mattress use or on household furniture. The Unique-Dri™ inner core and IBEX Cotton Polyester blend incontinence pads are washable and reusable for long lasting lifetime use. Cost-effective and absorbent bed pads by Wearever let you sleep easy knowing you're protected by one the most trusted name in incontinence supplies.