Sunday, February 22, 2015

Voodoo Tattoo

Gold & Silver Flash Tattoos 
by Voodoo Tattoo

This is a really fun product. Its great to wear wear to the pool or beach. They are easy to apply, like most temporary tattoos. They last a while too they didn't come off when I went swimming. They are also easy to remove, i just put a little baby oil on a cotton ball and it rubbed right off. I applied the arrows before I went to the pool to tan, so when I remove them you can still see the design. Kind of like those stickers you can buy at the tanning bed. These are also fun for kids, they love them. There are many different shapes and designs to choose from. I received these tattoos in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase these gold & silver tattoos HERE! Enter below for a chance to win!
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