Saturday, February 14, 2015

Travel Mug

16 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated 
Coffee Travel Mug

I received this 16oz stainless steel on-the-go travel mug in exchange for an honest review. It has a sturdy double wall thermal plastic insulation to keep your beverage hot or cold. I love using this for Hot Tea or Iced Coffee. The insulation keeps my tea hot until its gone; it also keeps the ice in my coffee cold, so it doesn't melt and water down my coffee. The plastic lid has no-splash slide lock. It is my favorite feature on this travel mug; other travel mugs I have tend to make a mess of the lid when they open. It has a hook shaped handle with a finger grip design. This is a really nice mug. This would be a great gift for any coffee drinker. I bought one for my hubby because he kept trying to take mine. You can purchase this coffee mug HERE!