Friday, February 27, 2015

Holly B. Clegg, Inc.

Too Hot in the Kitchen-
Secrets To Sizzle Any Age

This is an awesome book. This book is filled with 200 easy to make recipes. It also includes nutritional information and diabetic exchanges. There are also symbols throughout the book, highlighting which recipes are freezer friendly and vegetarian. There is also coffee/rast symbols letting you know what coffee and roast pairs well with certain foods. 

Chapter topics include:

Foods To Improve ~ Highlighting super foods
Lovin' No Oven ~ Cold recipes
Quickies ~ Fast recipes
Table for Two ~ Recipes for two
Food For The Mood ~ Satisfy cravings or romance recipes
Effortless Entertainment ~ Easy make-ahead recipes for a crowd
Brunch and Munch ~ Eggs, breads and snacks
Fill Up with Fiber ~ High fiber recipes
Sweet Temptations ~ Cookies, cakes, pies and desserts
Passport Pleasures ~ Culinary adventure for your palate
Diva Dermatology ~ DIY food facials and mask

I have already made a few recipes for this book and they were all delicious. One of my favorite dinner recipes from this book, was the feta and spinach stuffed salmon. It only has five ingredients, 291 calories, serves 4, and takes less than 25 minutes to prep and cook. The caramel pecan candies are to die for. Its only 4 ingredients, makes 30 candies in just a few minutes. I make the Cranberry Margarita Tea at least once a week! I absolutely love it!!! Only 4 ingredients 5 if you want a garnish and it makes 6 glasses. I also made the chocolate facial mask which you can literally eat and you will want to!! It smells amazing and makes your skin look and feel great! I definitely recommend this book. I plan to try everything in this book, it all looks absolutely amazing and easy to make with a few ingredients. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase this and other amazing books by Holly Clegg HERE!