Thursday, February 19, 2015


BeMe Nail Art Pens 

Stock Photo by BeMe.

 I absolutely love these Nail Art Pens by BeMe. You can paint your nails by unscrewing the lid, or draw on you nails by pulling off the cap. The polish is high quality. Its long lasting, doesn't chip and its easy to remove. When I received mine in the mail I was so excite to try them out. I immediately painted my nails waited for them to dry completely and drew a Valentine's day design on them. It is easy to create designs, if you can use a pen and doodle on a piece of paper you will have no trouble using these. I have posted a photo below showing my nail design, I did on my first try using these pens. This also came with a little booklet, showing you easy step by step designs you can create. There is four different kits to choose from, with 8 beautiful colors. I received these Nail Art Pens by BeMe in exchange for an honest review. You can check out BeMe Nail Art Pens HERE!