Sunday, January 4, 2015

Longest Lasting Super LED Bright Rim Lights

Longest Lasting Super Bright LED Rim Lights

Picture by Good Stuff.
I was excited to get the opportunity to review these LED rim lights. You get three sets of lights when you order, multicolor, blue and green. I put the multicolored on my bike as soon as I got them in the mail a couple weeks ago, and they are still working. They are easy to install, you just take your valve stem covers off and replace it with the lights. They run on three batteries which are included. They looked amazing on the bike. I had a hard time getting a good picture but they look like the picture above. When I tried to take pictures to add to the review I realized the other two sets I received don't work, I tried replacing the batteries and they still didn't work. I will be contacting the company about this and will update the review when I get a response/replacement. If the company replaces to two sets that don't work, I would recommend these for your kids bikes or for your bike for safety or just to make your bike look tight. These LED Rim Lights can be purchased HERE! I received these lights in exchange for an honest review.