Monday, January 26, 2015


Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Armchair Cover

Stock photo by Astor.

My Product Review

This chair cover is really made well. Maybe its because of my handbag obsession, but the first thing I noticed was the stitching. I truly believe the best way to check the quality of a product is by checking its stitching and the stitching on this cover was exceptional. I put this cover over my favorite over-sized patio chair and it fit perfectly. We have crazy weather here in Florida and this cover is holding up just fine. The high coastal winds and thunderstorms have done nothing to this cover. There is straps and a buckle to make sure the cover stays put even with high winds. It kept my chair dry and protected. There is also mesh air vents so I have had no issue with mold or mildew. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to protect their patio furniture. I received this cover in exchange for an honest review.

Product Description by Astor

Rain, snow, ice, sun, wind and mold are no match for this rugged fabric protector - with its snug, adjustable fit, it will keep your outdoor armchair safe, clean and dry all year round.
4 Season Fabric

Double your peace of mind with two levels of protection: an outer surface that sheds precipitation and won't crack in cold temperatures, plus a PVC undercoating that stops water in its tracks. This heavy-duty material is sewn with strong, interlocking seams to withstand years of wear and tear.
Failsafe Fit

No matter how the wind blows, you can be sure this cover won't be going anywhere. Built into the hem is an elasticized cord with toggle stop that you tighten under the bottom edges of the seat. Then for good measure, straps at each corner wrap around the chair's legs and secure in place with a one-click buckle. Your chair is completely protected, not just from above but also from any water that might splash up from the ground.
Wind and Moisture Control

Mesh air vents prevent condensation from building up under the cover, so mold and mildew never get a chance to grow. The vents also help reduce ballooning caused by wind gusts. But while they allow the air to circulate, their overlapping edges keep everything else out.
Easy to Put On and Take Off

Sturdy, padded handles let you simply slide the cover into place, then pull it off whenever you want to enjoy your outdoor living space again.
3 Year Warranty

The sturdy, reliable service of this chair cover is backed by a full 3 year warranty against damage by dry rot, sun exposure, mold or mildew. Your lounge or patio chair will come out from under cover looking as good as it did when it went in!

Purchasing Information

You can purchase this Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Armchair Cover HERE!