Thursday, October 2, 2014

Green Earth Pan By Ozeri

Green Earth Pan

I just got a 12" Green Earth Pan by Ozeri and I absolutely love it. One of many things I love about this pan is the size, I was able to cook four pieces of french toast at the same time. The french toast all cooked evenly, there was plenty of room to flip them and it didn't stick to the pan at all. With other pans I have purchased I can only fit two maybe three pieces of french toast which takes more time to cook, and the pans seem to have hot spots so it doesn't cook my food evenly. 

Another great feature is the silicone handle,  pan handles tend to get hot and could burn your hand, thats not an issue with this pan. It also has a patterned non-stick cooking surface, the elevated texture helps distribute heat underneath the food and the Greblon ceramic coating  prevents your food from sticking. 
The Greblon coating works as well as Teflon, but unlike Teflon the Greblon ceramic coating is 100% safe to use it is PTFE and PFOA free and has no harmful heavy metals or chemicals. It is completely eco-friendly and doesn't emit any harmful fumes. It is also scratch resistant but you should only use wooden or plastic cooking utensils if you do happen to scratch it, it is still safe to use it unlike Teflon pans that have to be thrown away so toxins don't get in your food.

I love the green apple color of this pan. It is easy to wash by hand with hot soapy water and a soft dishcloth, but it is safe to wash in the dishwasher. If there is any residue or white film on the pan from washing it in the dish water a little vinegar and lemon juice will remove it, just rinse thoroughly. It is also safe to use on a Induction stove.
I highly recommend this pan and I intend to buy more for my house. If you would like a high quality pan that is safe for your family and the Earth you can purchase them HERE!
And you can keep up to date on other Ozeri products HERE ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!
I was giving this product in exchange for my honest review.