Thursday, September 4, 2014

Crave Naturals Whip Lash Eyelash Curler

This is another great product from Crave naturals. I am becoming a huge fan of this line. The packaging is cute and protects the products during shipping.

The eyelash curler is pink and comes with plenty of new cushion pads which is great because most eyelash curlers only come with one extra cushion pad. The extra cushions are important you change them as needed and it helps keep the eyelash curler clean and working great. Keep in mind it is important to keep eyelash curlers clean to avoid painful eye infections and to avoid getting your lashes stuck which can lead to them ripping out when you try to curl them. To help keep these clean only use them on clean lashes do not use them on top of mascara.

The handle allows you to keep full control of the eyelash curler when you are using it. You are able to get close to the eyelash roots and press down without pinching your eyelids. I pressed in on the handles and held for about 10 seconds then repeated once more to get a dramatic curl. It gave my lashes a good lift and curl without ripping out any lashes, like some other curlers I have used in the past. I like these curlers, they work great and they will last you along time with all the extra cushion pads you get with them. I definitely recommend these eyelash curlers I did get them free to review but this does not influence my opinion on the product at all. You can purchase them HERE!