Saturday, August 23, 2014

Crave PRECISIO Tweezers

These are not your average tweezers. I usually spend about $6 on tweezers. I figured why spend more money tweezers are tweezers they all work the same, Right? But these tweezers changed my mind! When I read they were professional grade stainless steel tweezers with a ultimate precision slant tip, I couldn't wait to try them and see how they work. They definitely live up to that statement! I was able to get each and every little hair with ease to sculpt the perfect eyebrow shape; and with the amazing quality of the slant tip I was able to get a good hold on every little hair and pluck it out without pain or having to make several attempts to get it out. With all the other tweezers I have purchased in the past, it was very hard and painful to sculpt my eyebrows. When I used the other tweezers in the past it was very hard to get ahold of the hair. When I tried to pluck it out the tweezers would tug at the hair and loose their grip or the hair would snap, so I had to make several attempt to get the hair out with is very painful and time consuming. It was also nearly impossible to get the really small hairs close to the brow without ripping out surrounding hairs which messes up the shape you are trying to get. I am so happy to have finally found the perfect pair of tweezers that really work. My brows look amazing now. 

These tweezers sell for $14.99, sure they cost more than your typical drugstore tweezers, but they save you time and perfectly shape your brow without the pain.
So if you're tired of those cheap tweezers that hurt you, and want a pair that does what its supposed to without causing you pain you can purchase the Crave PRECISIO Tweezers HERE! Use this code: PREC2525 for 25% off!

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I got to try these free to write my honest review and I could not be happier!