Thursday, July 3, 2014


Apple Pie Tacos

These Apple Pie Tacos are delicious and easy to make.
You will need the following: Frying Pan, Tongs and Oil
Small Tortilla Shells (or use cookie cutter on larger shells)
Cinnamon and Sugar mixture for dusting
 Homemade Apple Pie Filling or Canned Filling
Caramel and vanilla ice cream (optional) 
Heat oil over med heat using tongs place one half of 
tortilla in oil for about 5 seconds turn over and fold
it in half and continue holding it that way while it cooks for another 5 seconds flip tortilla over and cook other side until brown and crispy.When I use to work at a fast food place when I was younger we would just take the shell fold it and hold it in the deep fryer with tongs until it started to keep shape and then just drop it in for a few seconds so if you have a deep fryer you can cook it that way as well just make sure to be careful and allow to cool before you fill it.
After you remove it from oil shake off excess oil and place on plate with paper towels dust both sides of shell with cinnamon/sugar and too cool for 30 seconds or so then just fill with warm apple pie filling top with caramel and tbsp or two
of vanilla ice cream.

*Make them with different fillings like cherry, cheesecake, pumpkin blueberry  etc. And try them with different toppings
 like sweet potato pie filling topped with chopped toasted pecans and  marshmallow creme or cherry filling with a glaze on shell.
*Make it a little easier you can use the soft shell stand and stuff shells like I did  in the picture below
*Make it with a little less calories and fat preheat oven to 350 degrees warm  shells in microwave 10-15 seconds spray both sides of shell with cooking oil  mold the shell over the bottom of a muffin pan (see the picture below) and  cook 5- 10 minutes take  out lat cool a bit. While still warm lightly spray them    with cooking oil and dust them with cinnamon/sugar or you can skip this step  all together. You can also use this method to make pastry, cookie and bacon  bowls