Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smooth Like Silk

I received +Pure Silk Shave Cream complimentary from +Influenster  for testing purposes. I got Pure Silk Shave Cream in Raspberry Mist it left my legs soft, smooth, moisturized and smelling delicious all day long. I will definitely be using this to shave my legs everyday no more nicks or cuts for me.  It also contains aloe which is great for my sensitive skin.  I like that it is a rust proof can because it won't leave that hard to clean ring on the side of my bath tub like other cans do. They don't test on animals which is important to me. Pure Silk also does not contain Chlorofluorcarbons (CFCs), The problem with CFCs is that once it reaches the stratosphere it releases chlorine and depletes our ozone layer; so this is also a label I look for before purchasing aerosol cans. I definitely recommend this product for all the reasons I stated above, and you can't beat the price I found a two pack for under $3.50. #PureSilk #VowVoxBox